Monday, August 20, 2007


"He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself”
(1 John 5:10)

Believing the Son of God is having a favorable disposition of mind, affections, will and consciousness in the settled body of truth concerning Christ. This includes His virgin birth, perfect life, justifying death, bodily resurrection, visible ascension, effectual intercession, and personal return.

Life results in faith. Faith is a sign of the witness of the Holy Spirit. Faith is the eye of the Spirit. Whatever the Spirit presents to the vision is what is seen. He always presents Christ; faith sees Christ.

Faith sees Him chosen in the everlasting covenant of grace to save from their sins those elected from the foundation of the world to eternal life.

Faith sees Him in life fulfilling every requirement of the Law.

Faith sees Him on the cross doing something for God, namely satisfying justice and fixing a firm ground for the justification of the elect.

Faith sees Him on the cross doing something for the elect, namely bearing their sins and establishing righteousness by which God redeemed, forgave, reconciled, sanctified, adopted and justified.

Faith sees Him resurrected from the grave by which the justification effected by the imputation of righteousness at the cross was confirmed as true.

Faith sees Him seated at God's right hand in glory, ever-living to make intercession with the Father by the virtue of His precious blood and effectual righteousness.

Faith sees Him coming again to reclaim His bride, judge the wicked, and create the new earth.

Faith sees Him reigning eternally with His elect in the age to come.

God, give us faith that we may see!

Pastor David Simpson, Providence Church, Powell, Tennessee

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