Monday, May 18, 2009


In this study we will look at 'The call of God'.
In 'The call of God' I'm talking about the 'gospel call' - God's gospel proclaimed in the Bible.

There are two calls:

1) The external (outward) call: this is the call that goes out into the world: the gospel preached out to everywhere that God sends it.

2) The internal (inward) call: this is the call that regenerates (being born again): the gospel applied by the power of the Holy Spirit in the new birth where a sinner is enabled by God to trust in Jesus Christ ALONE for ALL their salvation!

Before we proceed - I would like to make a definition of the gospel.

There are many false gospels out there which are called "another gospel" (Galatians 1:6): and is not the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The one true gospel is: God's promise to save a sinner, and entitle (priviledge) them to all of salvation, including the work of the Holy Spirit in them, and heaven their final resting home ALL based on Jesus Christ ALONE: What Christ accomphlished in His coming, living, dying, resurrecting, and now interceding (mediating) for them.

The true gospel is a simple message: salvation conditioned on Jesus Christ ALONE!

Religion either adds to or takes away from the work of Christ. If you are following a gospel (teaching, religion) that adds to or takes away from what Christ has done for a sinner's salvation, you are following a false gospel, and it is not the gospel of Christ.

The true gospel is the message (call) of salvation all accomplished by the God-man Jesus Christ - no one else and nothing else!

Our first text we will look at has both calls of God in it:

1) The external call to all who hear;


2) The internal call to God's elect (those who will believe) - Jesus said: "For many are called, but few are chosen." (Matthew 22:14).

Jesus declares unto us the call of the gospel in this parable (earthly story with a heavenly meaning): you can read it (Matthew 22:1-14) and it is called "the parable of the Wedding Feast".

It is a story about Jesus Christ and Him crucified; and the gospel going out...

1) Externally as it is preached out;


2) Internally to those who have been born again. Jesus sums up the parable in our text: "For many are called, but few are chosen".

Jesus is saying that as the gospel (the good news about Himself) goes out:

1) "For many are called": this is the external call of the gospel - the message about Christ preached out;


2) "but few are chosen": this is the internal call of the gospel - the message about Christ which along with the power of the Holy Spirit gives new birth to the sinner where they believe on Jesus Christ for ALL of salvation!

This theme will be expounded further in the second part of this study.

By Craig Miklosik

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