Monday, October 19, 2009


Christian living is not an activity of obedience engaged in so as to obtain an eternal reward and inheritance. It is the activity of obedience engaged in because Christ has already obtained our eternal reward and inheritance.

It is not activity aimed at making ourselves righteous and holy before God. It is the obedient activity of one who has been made so by the grace of God in Christ.

The fact is that we, even as Christians, cannot earn our reward or inheritance because even though we are sinners saved by the grace of God, we are still sinners. We are righteous in Christ but not yet in ourselves. Therefore Christian living is living in and by the TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL; living in the GRACE OF GOD; living in the LOVE OF GOD; and LIVING BY FAITH IN CHRIST.

The life within us by the power of the Holy Spirit is not evidenced by perfection of deeds, but by deeds that accompany our testimony of grace, holiness, and righteousness in and by the Lord Jesus Christ.

By Bill Parker

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