Monday, October 19, 2009


"And I am sure that, when I come unto you, I shall come in the fulness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ."
(Romans 15:29)

The "fullness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ" is the fullness of salvation in Him and by Him as the crucified, resurrected Redeemer, the one Mediator between God and men.

This "fullness" is a comfort to God's people. It binds us together in the simplicity of Christ.

God the Holy Spirit will never take any truth of Scripture and use it to divide or confuse brethren in the church.

He is the Comforter who continually convicts us of sin and continually drives us to the crucified, risen Christ for all comfort, peace, and unity.

The plain and simple preaching of the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit will always inspire unity, peace, and growth in the church.

Divisions and confusion are the workings of sinful, proud men, not God.

Men will constantly raise issues to add on to the simplicity that is in Christ.

They will confuse and complicate matters, but the simple Gospel remains the same. It never changes.

It is the revelation of the glorious Person and finished work of Christ on the cross to save His people from their sins.

It is the revelation of the "righteousness of God" which is Christ's obedience unto death, the shedding of His precious blood to satisfy God's justice and fully pay our sin-debt.

It is the truth that God is just to justify the ungodly based solely upon the righteousness of Christ imputed (charged) to the accounts of His people.

God the Holy Spirit proceeds forth from the Father and the Son to impart the resurrected, spiritual life of Christ to His people in the new birth.

He teaches us of our utter depravity and impotence to save ourselves by our best works. He slays us by the law of God as He shows us that the law can only condemn us based on our best efforts to obey.

He drives us to Christ and Him alone, to plead His righteousness alone, for our whole eternal salvation. We see by His invincible power that if we are to be saved it is totally of God's free and sovereign grace and mercy in Christ.

What a simple but glorious message this is!

By Bill Parker

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