Friday, September 03, 2010


How we find that there are two principles within us continually at war, and how they ever wrestle for mastery!

But whatever suits and pleases the flesh will surely make the soul lean, and bring on deadness and barrenness.

The more we taste of the pleasures of sin, the more we get blinded and intoxicated by them, and the more anxious to enjoy them in this time-state, whether we go to heaven or not.

Right hands and right eyes are dear to us, and self-denial is a continual cross.

When we are tried, tempted, and harassed, we want ease and comfort. Yet we daily learn that without ballast we should not sail in any way safely on the seas of temptation. We need chastisements, rods, and crosses, to bring us to a throne of grace; and we need a daily sense of our sins to constrain us to fly to the only true refuge for poor helpless sinners, who is a Friend in need and a Brother born for adversity.

By William Tiptaft

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