Monday, January 24, 2011


All God’s people, sooner or later, are brought to this point - to see that God has a ‘people,’ a ‘peculiar people,’ a people separate from the world, a people whom He has ‘formed for Himself that they should show forth His praise.’

Election, sooner or later, is rivetted in the hearts of God’s people. And a man that lives and dies in enmity against this blessed doctrine, lives and dies in his sins; and if he dies in enmity, he will be damned in that enmity.

Every child of God is brought, sooner or later, to see that God has a people; and the longing desire of every living soul is to be manifested as one of that people. There are no cavillings against election, after God has broken a man down to nothing. There may be cavillings against it until we are stripped of all; but when a man is stripped of all, made a beggar, a bankrupt, a pauper, a poor needy insolvent with a huge debt and nothing wherewith to pay, then election is made manifest in that man’s conscience, because he feels that unless God has chosen him from eternity, he will never see His face in glory.”

By J. C. Philpot

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